UPPER ROOM BOOKS guides readers in Christian spiritual formation, inviting them to create daily life with God. Upper Room Books resources speak to the needs of laypersons and clergy, both individuals and small groups. We seek writers who offer insights and guidance on these topics: prayer and other spiritual practices, spiritual formation, Advent and Lent studies, living a faithful Christian life, relationships, healing and wholeness, aging, and creativity and spirituality. Upper Room Books encourage the use of inclusive language in reference to God and humanity. Upper Room Books does not publish fiction or poetry. For more information about Upper Room Books and to browse our resources, visit bookstore.upperroom.org.

If you are interested in publishing with Upper Room Books, submit a proposal by mail to Upper Room Books, 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville, TN 37212.

Your proposal should include the following:

  • a working title
  • a purpose statement—What spiritual need will your project meet?
  • a list of comparable titles in the marketplace—What makes your book unique?
  • a clearly defined target audience
  • a table of contents—Please include chapter titles and a brief description of each chapter.
  • at least one fully written chapter
  • a list of ways you plan to market your book

PLEASE NOTE that due to the volume of proposals that we receive, our editorial staff is only able to respond to those that are a potential fit four our publishing program.