From its beginning, The Upper Room has been interdenominational in its publications and programs. The intent of The Upper Room’s founders was that it be non-sectarian and non-doctrinaire, and we work to include many perspectives. In all our ministries, we seek to build on what draws us together in Christian belief. We believe that God wills only good for each of us and that God calls us to lives of love, forgiveness, and service to others, according to the example of Christ. 


We welcome the witness of believers from diverse perspectives, for we feel that each of us has something to share with others about our experience of the grace of God. We believe that diversity is one of our riches within the family of God, and we seek to reflect that diversity in our products as well as in our staff. We are a diverse group, and we feel this is an asset in producing spiritual formation resources for an interdenominational audience. This diversity means that individually we hold varied perspectives on matters of theology. However, as an organization, our basic stance is biblical, Trinitarian, and Wesleyan, meaning that we believe in God’s active grace at work in all of us, bringing us to belief in Christ and then to maturity in the expression of our faith through personal holiness and works of mercy and compassion. We believe that the Holy Spirit is at work in all believers as the agent of our becoming individually conformed to the image of Christ. All our publications and programs are meant to help persons grow in their discipleship so that they follow Christ more faithfully.


Although Upper Room Ministries® is interdenominational in its mission and make-up, it is a ministry of The United Methodist Church.


Doctrinal Heritage — We profess the historic Christian faith in God, incarnate in Jesus Christ for our salvation and ever at work in human history in the Holy Spirit. Living in a covenant of grace under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we participate in the first fruits of God's coming reign and pray in hope for its full realization on earth as in heaven.


Basic Christian Affirmations — With Christians of other communions, we confess belief in the triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We hold in common with all Christians a faith in the mystery of salvation in and through Jesus Christ. We share the Christian belief that God's redemptive love is realized in human life by the activity of the Holy Spirit, both in personal experience and in the community of believers. We understand ourselves to be part of Christ's universal church when by adoration, proclamation, and service we become conformed to Christ.


We acknowledge God's prevenient grace at work in the lives of all persons from the time of their conception. We believe God brings about new birth and inward change in the lives of repentant believers through justifying grace, i.e. God's accepting and pardoning love. We hold that the wonder of God's acceptance and pardon does not end God's saving work, which continues to nurture our growth in grace and truth. We see God's grace and human activity working together in the relationship of faith and good works in a manner that bears fruit in spiritual maturity and in Christian ministries. We insist that personal salvation always overflows in Christian mission and service to the world.


The purpose of the congregation is to support the development of people as disciples of Jesus Christ through expressions of God's seeking, saving and sanctifying grace. The ministry of the church is reaching out and receiving people in love, relating people to God in Christ, nurturing them in faith and readiness for service, and sending them to live in the world in the way of Christ as witnesses to the kingdom of God.


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